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Mindfulness Exercise Cards
Mindfulness Exercise Cards
Mindfulness Exercise Cards

Mindfulness Exercise Cards

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1. Overview

Welcome to this moment! Treat yourself or a friend to the this lovingly created Mindfulness Exercise Set by Mindkompass. This set comes with 25 creative mindfulness exercises, a plain mindfulness journal to capture your thoughts as you practice and 3 colouring sheets for your inner artist. Each exercise can be completed in less than 10 minutes and is simple but incredibly powerful and transformative. You can practice on your own or together with friends.

2. Content

- 25 Mindfulness Cards
- Plain Mindfulness Journal
- 3 Mindfulness Colouring Sheets

Crystals, vases, cushions and buddha stature are NOT included.

3. Why practice mindfulness?

It is widely known that going that physical exercise is important for our health. But what about our mental wellbeing? Often, we go through life with a foggy mind using our autopilot. When we do have a calm moment to us, we get caught up in thoughts about the future and the past. The mind never stops talking and is a master story teller. Some of those stories make sense but many don’t. Have you ever spent hours worrying about a potential future scenario that never materialised? Practicing mindfulness can help us be more present and savour each moment as it is. Mindfulness teaches us that nothing is permanent. Thoughts and feelings come and go. Instead of identifying with them and letting them take over our lives, we learn to simply acknowledge them and let them go. Over time, we will discover that everything we need is right here, in this moment. We will gain more clarity, calm and the ability to live a more abundant life.

4. Why choose Mindkompass?

- Mindkompass mindfulness exercises are fun and suitable for all levels.
- The exercises were created by a team of mindfulness teachers and students.
- The exercises are more elaborate and detailed than competitor products.
- The set is perfect for gifting.
- You can practice on your own or in a group setting.
- You can pick 1 exercise / day for 25 consecutive days or focus on 1 card / week

5. My story

Hi, I'm Lisa. I am an entrepreneur and startup consultant living in London. I would like to share my personal mindfulness journey with you. Growing up in a small town in Germany, I remember myself being very driven and ambitious. I knew exactly what I wanted early on in life. By the time I was in my mid-twenties I was working in a very prestigious job, living in London - the city of my dreams - surrounded by my loving family and friends. Life seemed good from the outside. Yet, around the same time I also grew increasingly anxious and neurotic. My mind was often racing with endless chatter and worries. I didn't feel ok but I couldn't understand why. After all, I had achieved the goals I had set for myself. Why was I still unhappy? After a horrible breakup, I started doubting all my decisions in life. What would make me happy? Out of desperation I started going to yoga and I started to meditate. Gradually I learned that most of my problems were caused by my own mind, by its stories about the past and the future. I learned that through regular practice I was able to think more clearly, be more present and appreciate the beauty that was already all around me. I hope to share this practice with you so you can discover the beauty of this moment for yourself.